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Installing the Head on my 1983 Honda Civic

In part three of this series about my Honda Civic I went over preparing to install the head on the engine with ARP head studs. In this post I’ll go over getting the head installed and the other parts reattached.

Honda Part 3: The Hard Part

Last time I posted about my Honda, I left things with the engine mostly apart, and the whole top of the engine sitting in the trunk. We were finally ready to put in a new head gasket, but there were plenty of things to do before that. Before I start telling you about all of […]

Honda 2: The Teardown

First step with a cool old Japanese car? Gotta take off the sweet forward-opening hood! With that out of way, we swiftly began tearing down what we found, which mostly consisted of a gazillion vacuum lines connected to the (complex) carburetor and the three control boxes needed to get this 80’s California car to run.

So, I bought a Honda

Like many car stories, mine starts like this: This is why Craigslist is dangerous! One day I get the idea that these things are cute and in a couple days I’ve found a dirt-cheap car, read my fill of the forums, and somehow am still interested in a car with a blown head gasket.

Java Tuples

One oft-noted feature of the Java language is it’s lack of a tuple data type. This leads to an abundance of classes that provide the convenience of grouping more than one value into a single object. These classes usually look more or less like this: public class ObjectPair<A, B> { private A primary; private B […]

Re-enable virtual terminals on Ubuntu 12.04

In the past month I’ve been getting accustomed to Ubuntu 12.04, and all of the changes it brings to the user interface of Ubuntu. One issue I’ve been especially bothered by is the lack of virtual terminals, at least of users of NVIDIA’s proprietary drivers (myself included). The issue seems to stem from the fact […]

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More Map Scripts

In the last installment‎ I wrote a script ( to cut up geotagged images and save them in a format that GPSdrive will read. I’ve uploaded that script into a new repository on GitHub. I’ve also uploaded a script I wrote called, which will download USGS topographic maps automatically. This script naturally complements; […]

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Bluetooth Android GPS on OS X

Inspired by this link from the GPSd homepage I set out to use my brand new Android phone as a bluetooth gps. Naturally, I wanted to use it with GPSd, but on OS X. I read through the Linux directions and thought “this shouldn’t be terribly hard on a Mac!” As it turns out, I was right! […]

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IndieWeb, or how to avoid Digital Sharecropping

Thanks to the DorkbotPDX blog I found my way onto the website of this year’s IndieWebCamp, which took place in Portland June 25 & 26. Although I was saddened that I wasn’t in town for it, the projects that ended up being developed by the camp immediately grabbed my interest. Although I had never been […]

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Map Tiles with Python + GDAL

After getting GPSDrive running on OS X I started looking into different sources for maps. The GPSDrive wiki has a couple of interesting pages about this: one on creating maps and one on map sources. The second page pointed me to the LibreMap Project which has a complete collection of  USGS 1:24000 (large scale) topographic maps for the […]

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