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IndieWeb, or how to avoid Digital Sharecropping

Thanks to the DorkbotPDX blog I found my way onto the website of this year’s IndieWebCamp, which took place in Portland June 25 & 26. Although I was saddened that I wasn’t in town for it, the projects that ended up being developed by the camp immediately grabbed my interest. Although I had never been […]

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Facebook Chat

So Facebook FINALLY rolled out Facebook Chat for my network. I’ve played with it for a while and made a few observations: It’s nice to have notifications and online friends down in the bottom bar of the window. It gets annoying having to wait for all of the information (scripts, etc) associated with chat to […]

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So, I’ve been trying out the Flock browser which is based on Firefox. However, it’s twist is that it’s designed to integrate with a bunch of different social services. I have it set up to work with my Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Photobucket accounts, as well as this WordPress blog. It will also work with […]

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