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Clever Stencil

I ran into this stencil on the side of a fire extinguisher box at Reed College and thought it was delightful.

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Make a Money/Card Clip

So the other day I finally got tired with my (awesome) wallet and decided to make something new. I ended up choosing a money clip. Not only would it be a nice, high quality, metal object living in my pocket, instead of a crummy, dirty wallet, but a money clip is good looking, classy and […]

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Tobias Wolff is a God among men

I was sitting and re-reading Tobias Wolff short stories the other day, and ran across this little quote, which tore my heart out, twisted my head around and made me totally fall in love with his writing again: In the solemnity of her attention he heard himself saying things he had said to no one […]

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Beach Musings

WHITE NOISE is my MOST valuable study tool. How can it be describled? HIsssss… But that doesn’t cut it. It’s never changing but ever-variable; soft + hard; strong + weak; Imperceptibly Loud. It is an ocean at the quite beach, the wind in a girlfriend’s hair, the sifting of sand in the wind, the sound […]

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