New Keyboard โ€” Reviewed!

Have you ever had one of those days when you bought a keyboard for no good reason? Well I did the other day, and ended up with an “Irocks Chocolate Key Style Slim Keyboard for Pc with Elegant Body”. It felt like a steal — I got it $12.99 with free two day shipping.

It is now replacing an older, wireless, but more compact keyboard from the same company, which, despite serving me well, had been getting flaky in age.

Hit the jump for another picture and a review/comparison of the two keyboards

As I said, this keyboard is replacing my old wireless one, and offers several advantages over it. The first thing I noticed after taking it out of the box was the size: the new one is considerably bigger, allowing it room for a full, proper numpad and, arrow keys, and Home/End/PgUp/PgDn/Ins/Del keys that need a Fn key on the old keyboard.

The second major difference is the new key design, which they call “chocolate key”. It’s the same design as Macbook keyboards, with flat keys shaped like rounded rectangles. The combination of a new key design and layout mean that the new keyboard is a lot roomier — my hands don’t feel cramped and can move freely.

The last thing I noticed quickly after getting the new keyboard set up is the feel of the keys. While the old, wireless keyboard has the mush feel of most laptop keyboards, the new key design has a much crisper feel and a more “clicky” feel, even though it still uses scissor-style key switches. While this makes typing slightly louder, it feels much nicer, and makes typing more enjoyable and responsive.

In all, the new keyboard is a welcome update. However, it won’t completely replace the old one. The biggest reason is the wireless keyboard’s range: because it will work anywhere within hearing range of the computer, I use it as a remote control for my music player.


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