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Chrome + Grooveshark = Blank Page!?!

Recently I was having a pretty frustrating issue viewing Grooveshark in Chrome — it would only load a blank, white page. This had me tearing my hair out, and Google was no help at all; there seemed to be a handful of people posting about this problem, but their posts didn’t offer any solutions.

I noticed that I was able to load the website just fine in Safari, and that’s when I had an insight — I noticed that Safari was loading, while Chrome was taking me to It turns out that the issue was with a plugin I use — the KB SSL Enforcer. While it’s a great piece of software, it was forcing Chrome to connect to the SSL site, which for some odd reason was causing the blank page to be displayed.

The fix for this issue was easy. I just opened up the SSL Enforcer options and added to the blacklist; telling the plugin to never force SSL for Grooveshark.

Now I’m happily listening to tunes online without having a second browser open!

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  1. jenny | July 7, 2011 at 5:39 pm | Permalink

    This helped me so much, I had the same problem!

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