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iWork Autosave

So I had the wonderful experience this weekend of losing over 1,200 words of work on a paper because I forgot to save it regularly. I was really, really sad about that and really bummed that Pages, my word processor of choice (I love the formatting tools), doesn’t support either autosaving or document recovery. However, my preference for Pages is strong enough that I didn’t jump ship to an auto-saving editor. Instead I went out and found WorkSaver. WorkSaver
Worksaver simply sits in your menubar and, at a definable interval will save every iWork document you have open, provided that it’s already been saved once. This means that when I’m writing I don’t have to even worry about saving my document after creating it and choosing where to save it. Of course, it’s a shame that you have to manually save the file when you create it, but it’s a lot better than losing all your work. I can highly recommend WorkSaver if you use iWork simply for the peace of mind it provides. Of course, it’s not perfect for everybody, but when I’d rather focus on writing a paper than on making sure my computer doesn’t decide to make it all go away, WorkSaver is just what I need.

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