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Make a Money/Card Clip

So the other day I finally got tired with my (awesome) wallet and decided to make something new. I ended up choosing a money clip. Not only would it be a nice, high quality, metal object living in my pocket, instead of a crummy, dirty wallet, but a money clip is good looking, classy and minimalistic way of keeping a hold of my money and cards. Looking around my room I didn’t really get any inspiration, until I saw an old metal fork lying in a box. I cut the head off with my dremel and a fiberglass cutting wheel. A little bit of sanding and bending resulted in a, super-useful money clip. I’ve been using it for the past few days and it’s been serving me really well, looking good, and altogether holding up like a quality product.

If there’s interest, I’ll put up more information / pictures and maybe put some of these bad boys up for sale.

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