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Can Apple keep this up?

It seems to me that Apple has undergone a change in the past year or so. With the introduction of the App Store, the iPhone 3G, and Mobile Me, Apple seems to have lowered its quality standards. In the past there was the common knowledge that you shouldn’t buy the first revision of a product because there were always bugs, but now Apple seems to be having even more problems. It’s pretty well acknowledged that one of the biggest reasons for the problems with Mobile Me was that it was pushed out early to keep up with the iPhone 3G. I even saw similar problems when I opened up the preferences on iTunes 7.7:

Picture 1.png

I’m afraid that Apple’s new products and schedules are clashing with their characteristic way of doing business. In the past they were able to wait until a product was just perfect before releasing it. Now, with their partnerships and such, at least with the iPhone, Apple is forced to announce their products earlier, and so they have much stricter deadlines to meet, which begs the question “Can Apple keep this up and still deliver the same quality product they have in the past?”

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