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Installing the Head on my 1983 Honda Civic

In part three of this series about my Honda Civic I went over preparing to install the head on the engine with ARP head studs. In this post I’ll go over getting the head installed and the other parts reattached.

Honda Part 3: The Hard Part

Last time I posted about my Honda, I left things with the engine mostly apart, and the whole top of the engine sitting in the trunk. We were finally ready to put in a new head gasket, but there were plenty of things to do before that. Before I start telling you about all of […]

Honda 2: The Teardown

First step with a cool old Japanese car? Gotta take off the sweet forward-opening hood! With that out of way, we swiftly began tearing down what we found, which mostly consisted of a gazillion vacuum lines connected to the (complex) carburetor and the three control boxes needed to get this 80’s California car to run.

So, I bought a Honda

Like many car stories, mine starts like this: This is why Craigslist is dangerous! One day I get the idea that these things are cute and in a couple days I’ve found a dirt-cheap car, read my fill of the forums, and somehow am still interested in a car with a blown head gasket.